Goldshow on lisätä liikennettä ja tehdä enemmän rahaa.

Gold Show is a tool available for CAMERALUX MODELS that have virtual rooms. Through it MODELS will be able to interact with several users of the site through video, simultaneously. The operation is simple. The MODEL that is using the Gold Show tool will have an identification in your virtual room. By clicking on the image, the user will be aware of the MODEL proposal, with all the details of the presentation, such as start time, duration, desired value and minimum bid.

Customers can give $50, $100, $1,000 + dollars to help fund your favorite girl / boys webcamming. In return, they get a small equity stake of your web cam modelling. Gold Show is is a crowdfunding for adult projects. 

Customers who are interested in interacting with MODEL will be able to bid (respecting the minimum stipulated and provided they have credit in their CAMERALUX account). Once the desired value has been reached, the presentation will be confirmed (it will be possible to watch the number of bids made in real-time) at the predetermined time. It´s a crowdfund system. 

If the amount desired by MODEL is not reached until the scheduled time for the start of the presentation, it will be automatically canceled and the credits used by the users for bidding returned to the balance of your account and can be used normally.

During the event, if there is failure in the connection between the MODEL and the users, caused by technical problems that are not caused by the CAMERALUX platform, once the presentation is started, the credits used will not be refunded or returned. The credit will be part of MODEL account holder of the respective virtual room. If the user who had your connection interrupted can reestablish it during the Models's presentation, the interaction can continue until the previously established end.

A type of show prepaid by members instead of paying per minute.

During the collection for the Gold Show the users will be able to freely dial with the MODEL. After the collection has been finalized, only the users who contributed with the minimum quota can interact and dial with the MODEL, and the others are blocked for interaction.

  • What I’ll do: Text that will appear at the top of the user’s chat, enticing them to buy into your GOLD Show performance. This will appear during the preshow, as well as to users outside the performance once it starts.
  • GOLD Requested: The total amount that you want collected from all users in order to start your performance.
  • Minimum Buy In: The amount you want each individual user to contribute to be able to see the performance. You may set this value to “0” ONLY if you are doing a non-explicit show. If minimum buy in is set to “0”, everyone in your chat will view your performance, as you will remain in guest chat.
  • Minutes I’ll Do It: Once your performance starts, this is how long the show must last. Once a show request has started you must start and complete the performance to earn any of the GOLD pledged toward your show. If the show ends early, all GOLD earned will be forfeited.
  • Minutes to Goal: This is the amount of time that you can specify for your guest audience to pledge GOLD to reach your requested GOLD amount to start your performance. The show will begin when time expires and the goal is reached. If the goal is not reached GOLD is returned to users.

When a model starts a GOLD show countdown, she/he chooses the following limits: what will be done in a GOLD show, how many minutes the show will be for, the minimum amount each member must contribute to see the show, how much GOLD she wants before she will start the show, and how long the model will wait to reach the set goal before she/he starts or quits the show. Models may choose to begin the show at any time, even if the timer has not finished or if she/he has not reached her goal. If the model chooses to cancel the show without starting it, all members will be refunded their money and the model receives nothing.

When the model chooses to start the GOLD show, the model and all the members who contributed the minimum amount are taken to a private group chat. Even after the show begins, members may still enter at any time and will be charged the full minimum amount. The members can see and talk to each other if they so choose. Some sites allow members to come and go from the Gold show, a protection feature in case they are disconnected. Some sites will also refund the full ticket price if a model ends a show early or is disconnected.

GOLD shows are different than other types of group shows because it is prepaid and only lasts for a specific amount of time. Like other group shows, GOLD shows can be an inexpensive option compared to private chats.